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Art of Failure

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We are now making available the slide presentations from the seminar. Please click on the links below to access the PowerPoint presentations.

Art of Failure – Introduction. Professor Zelkha’s introduction to the Art of Failure.

Steve Blank - 387 million Ways to Fail

Steve Blank – 387 Million Ways to Fail. Professor Blank’s presentation of his groundbreaking concepts of Customer Development. A must read for anyone developing new technology products or companies today.

Claire Hunsacker – Samasource. Ms. Hunsacker, Vice President – Product and Strategy discusses how Samasource uses techniques such as Customer Development and Pivot Points to focus the development of their business model.

Why Startups Die. Why do startups ventures fail? In this presentation, we discuss some of the most common ways even the most promising of ventures get derailed. Based on a white paper from YCombinator.

Venture Capital – Embracing Failure. Eli Zelkha presents how the venture capital community and entrepreneurs view failure.

Scenarios – A Technique for Avoiding Failure. Scenarios are a powerful technique for avoiding failure/increasing the chances ofventure success. In this presentation, Eli Zelkha presents a detailed method for using scenarios for understanding alternative futures and how they may affect the success of your venture. With examples.

Frameworks of Failure. Eli Zelkha presents a survey of the most important concepts of how failure and experimentation are proactively used in business today. He covers concepts such as Agile Development, Fast Failure, A biological Model of Failure and FMEA. Emphasis is on applying these models of experimentation/failure for winning in the modern business arena.